👋 I’m Benjamin Schubert,

a designer with a background in journalism. Currently working as head of design at non-profit newsroom CORRECTIV in Berlin.

I have been working as a designer for more than ten years. Following my apprenticeship as a media designer, I studied communication design. I worked in publishing, market research, digital marketing and founded a coworking space for artists in Berlin. Since 2020 I’m based in Lübeck.

My work has been awarded with:

CORRECTIV’s Sanction Tracker provides daily updates on the latest embargoes imposed on Russian individuals and entities after the invasion of Ukraine.

Design & Concept

150 billion euros in taxpayer money have been robbed. How bankers, lawyers and the rich continue to evade taxes

Design & Concept · Development

57 portraits – 57 stories. These are people who neo-Nazis and right-wing extremists put on so-called »enemies lists«.

Design & Concept · Development

A CORRECTIV analysis of thousands of Instagram accounts found that the Right and Far-Right are recruiting young people on the supposedly apolitical platform — and that Instagram does little to intervene.

🏆 Sigma Award for Data Journalism
🏆 Deutscher Reporterpreis 

Design & Concept · Development

Hidden money flows, targeted disinformation & influence in politics – This undercover investigation provides rare insights into how climate change deniers operate in Germany.

Design & Concept · Graphics · Development

Fraudsters are every year robbing Europe’s citizens of 50 billion euros in tax money. A Europe-wide investigation by 63 journalists from 30 countries.

🏆 German-French Journalism Award
🏆 Helmut Schmidt Journalistenpreis
🏆 Blaue Boje

Design & Concept · Development

Find out what Grand Theft Europe is all about in 43 seconds.

Storyboard · Video production

How Europe’s taxpayers have been swindled of €55 billion. A joint investigation by 19 European media from twelve countries.

🏆 Otto Brenner Prize
🏆 Daphne Caruana Prize

Design & Concept · Development

Behind the scenes: Journalists from twelve countries, an undercover meeting with an investment banker and an insider in front of the camera. 27 minutes.

Storyboard · Video production

For the first time in the history of CumEx business, one of the main defendants comments in detail on the CumEx machinery. Creepy. 70 minutes.

Storyboard · Cutting · Editing

“Who owns Hamburg is an outstanding example of how journalism on the Internet and using digital tools can do justice to its social role and responsibility.“

🏆 Grimme Online Award

Design & Concept · Campaigning · Pictures

Football has a problem with painkillers, but only few are brave enough to speak out. In a year-long investigation, we talked with over 150 people, including players, doctors and experts, who reveal the true nature of painkiller abuse in professional football.

🏆 Dr. Georg Schreiber Medienpreis

Design & Concept · Development